Off-Grid Solar


Off-Grid Solar Roof-Top systems are designed and installed to cater to the electricity requirements of an institution, community or residence where the Grid Power is not available or the outage is more frequent

Off-Grid Solar Rooftop system comprises of

  • Solar Photovoltaic Panels
  • Module Mounting Structures
  • Power Conditioning Unit (PCU)
  • Battery Bank
  • DC & AC Cables.
  • DC Distribution Box (DCDB), AC Distribution Box (ACDB) & Battery Protection Panel (BPP)

With the present day available state of art technology, one can remotely monitor the daily energy generation by the plant by sitting across any corner of the world. Remote Monitoring and Data Logging are some features that Naviya Technologies plants come with. In addition to this, our team monitors your plant at regular interval to see that the plant is functioning optimally.